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hese stainless steel immersion chillers are an easy way to chill your wort. 
Simply push garden hose fittings over the ends of the coil and secure with hose clamp. 
Best hose clamp to use is our stepless hose clamps 14-16mm depending on hose thickness.

We also sell stainless compression fittings that can be used at attach other fittings to the ends of the chiller.

This is ideal for batch sizes up to 45litres.

These are also ideal to maintain the temperature of your mash in your HERMs set up, just pump your wort from your mash tun through the Immersion Chiller whilst it is submerged in your HLT. 

Coiled part of the chiller: 28cm high x 26cm diameter 
Total height of the chiller: 65cm 
Tubing: 12mm internal, 12.7mm external, 304 Stainless
Total coiled length: 14 meter



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