Benchy Carbon - 12-24V DC Portable Inline Keg Dispensing Unit
SKU KL18210

Product introduction:

Benchy Carbon - This worlds first inline chiller that is a truely portable keg dispensing optoin allowing you to chill draft beer from 12-24 DC power supply. Perfect for camping, off grid or dispensing beer from vehicle or solar system.

Power lead with alligator clips sold seperately. 


For many years portable keg dispensing has been a pain either requring bags of ice for your jockey box or requiring mains power to power glycol chillers or kegerators.  This has all changed with the ultimate portable keg dispensing solution...The BENCHY CARBON.  This chiller comes inclusive with 2 x Nukatap FC taps


Revolutionary Carbon Heat Sink - (Solid not Liquid)
This unit uses our revolutionary solid carbon based heat sink meaning no glycol or other liquids are required.  Other glycol chillers have liquid coolant that needs to be emptied before transportation to prevent spillage.  This carbon heat sink makes the unit even more useful for portable keg dispensing as you have no liquids to accidentlly spill out when in transit or while moving around.  KegLand has developed this new carbon heat sink technology specifically to provide a significant thermal mass while being solid, thermally conductive, reliable and compact.


Light Weight
Weighing under 20kg this is the lightest portable 2 tap electrical dispenser ever manufactured.


This is the worlds most compact inline keg chiller ever manufactured with a crazy small footprint of 233mm x 400mm.


Under Counter Possible
The Bency Carbon has been designed to sit on top of the bench however for a more sleek installation you can also mount this unit under counter and have a conventional font/tower mounted ontop of the bench if you want to.


This unit has approximately 150watts of cooling power meaning you can chill about 8L of beer per hour (based on 20degree ambient temperature).  Please be aware we recommend that after every 500ml dispensed you should allow approximately 2 minutes to recover.  If you are looking for a Bench top dispenser with higher capacity we recomend the Benchy Glycol which is an even more powerful and is able to dispense more than 3 times more product.


Power Efficient
The Benchy Carbon draws 60watts when the compressor is running.  When in idle mode the chiller uses 1.6watts approximately with the compressor off.  When maintaining temp and compressor is periodically cyling on and off the Benchy Carbon averages about 15watts making this extremly power efficient. 

As you are not keeping the whole keg/s cold you have less heat ingress and are only consuming enough power to cool the beer/beverage that you are consuming.

The Benchy Carbon uses the r600a refrigerant which is environmentally friendly, reduces compression ratios in the compressor and overall pressure in the refrigeration system (when compared with r134a).  This refrigerant type saves power and reduces overall weight in the system.


Fast Recovery
Unlike larger glycol chillers the Benchy Carbon does not need much time to cool down.  As soon as you turn the unit on you can be pouring beers/beverages in less than 15minutes meaning you can also turn off the unit when not being used saving even more power then only turning the unit on just before you require it.


All Power Options
As this unit can be powered on 12v/24V DC or can be powerd on AC 110-240V with a power supply that you purchase separately.  Perfect for off grid scenarios where you are using deep cycle batteries and solar panels. Great for camping, 4WD or other portable keg dispensing applications. Power lead with alligator clips sold seperately. 


Input Voltage: 12/24v DC (9.5-31v) 
Cooling Capacity: 8L Per Hour(based on 20C ambient)
Size: 23.5cm x 35cm(excluding taps) x 46cm (high)

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