Benchy Nitro - Beer & Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser (Double Taps)
SKU: KL35118

Product introduction:

This nitro unit is a fantastic compact and reliable nitro unit that is perfect for dispensing nitro cold brew coffee, nitro stout beers, espresso martini or other nitro cocktails.

Unlike other nitro systems this type of bench top nitro unit sucks nitrogen out of the air and infuses this into the beverage meaning you do not need to purchase nitrogen cylinders.

The system also chills the beverage too so all you need to do is fill the supplied tank with your nitro cold brew or cocktail mix and dispense directly to tap. It's literally that easy. Alternatively if you want to dispense nitro beers do not use the supplied nitro tank and use a keg instead. Fill your keg with your nitrogen stout or other nitro beer. Then put a very small amount of gas pressure into the keg (1 or 2psi max) then plug the nitrogen out line into the nitro dispenser.

No more expensive cylinder rental. Just hook it up and turn it on. The machine cools down in 15min and you will be pouring cold nitro stout with creamy cascading effect.


  • No need for bulky nitrogen tanks 
  • Two Nitro Taps for two product lines
  • Slimline design to fit neatly on your bench 
  • Ready to use in a few minutes 
  • Draws from any container of cold brew coffee, or keg
  • Adjustable nitro gas levels 
  • Adjustable temperature control 
  • Low service and maintenance requirements 
  • Easy to use, move, and clean Technical Specifications: 
  • Power Supply: 230V/50Hz, 10A IEC Cable
  • Stainless Steel Unit 
  • 12 Months Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Weight and Dimensions:

  • 475mm (Deep) x 205mm (Wide) x 405mm (High)
  • 600mm deep including taps, bend of hoses and drip tray. 
  • 515mm high including tap handle height.
  • Weight: 42kg 

Designed to be used with 9.5mm (3/8") OD EVABarrier push in hosing.

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